Snow riding

Well decided to ride from the Moel Fammau lower forest car park which was nearly a big mistake, the car park was un-gritted and all snow, pulled into one of the places near the barrier and thought to myself, this is on a direct skid line from the entrance road and then spent about 5 mins getting out of the bay and then parking in one further down the car park on a level surface.

Then I was the second bike out on the forest fire roads since 2-4 inches of snow had landed in the forest, the 6km from the car park to half way up Vomit took 1:15 instead of the usual 35 mins ish. As I came out onto Vomit there was a howling gale that you could hardly stand up in so thought sod it and went back the way I came. All in all 2:30 to do 12km, but impressed how well Maxxis Beavers grip in fresh and slushy snow.