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Normal service resumes

Well after a month or so of snow, ice and frozen trails it was back to normal service in the Clwyds with lots of mud. I think that I have been a bit spoilt with the fast rolling trails as back to slogging through the mud left be worn out, I’m sure I will adapt but it was a shock to the system.P1010536 P1010537 P1010538 P1010540 P1010541 P1010542 P1010543 P1010544 P1010545 P1010546 P1010547

Snow riding

Well decided to ride from the Moel Fammau lower forest car park which was nearly a big mistake, the car park was un-gritted and all snow, pulled into one of the places near the barrier and thought to myself, this is on a direct skid line from the entrance road and then spent about 5 mins getting out of the bay and then parking in one further down the car park on a level surface.

Then I was the second bike out on the forest fire roads since 2-4 inches of snow had landed in the forest, the 6km from the car park to half way up Vomit took 1:15 instead of the usual 35 mins ish. As I came out onto Vomit there was a howling gale that you could hardly stand up in so thought sod it and went back the way I came. All in all 2:30 to do 12km, but impressed how well Maxxis Beavers grip in fresh and slushy snow.


A wintery Clwyds

I’m into the second week of my 2015 training plan and going a bit stir crazy with mid-week turbo trainer sessions broken up by some road riding at the weekends, so I decided to get the singlespeed out and venture up into the Clwydians. A brilliant choice as it turned out, it was icy and there was an inch or two of snow high up with mostly frozen ground so made for brisk riding, lower down it was a bog fest but that didn’t wipe the smile off my face.